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Emissions.co.uk is an independent claim assessment and referral service specialising in diesel emission claims. Our mission is simple: to hold automobile manufacturers accountable for their actions, and to ensure consumers are fairly compensated when they have been misled.

We believe in justice for all diesel car owners who have been affected by the widespread and deceptive practices of car manufacturers. For years, these manufacturers have potentially deceived millions of UK residents by installing defeat devices in their vehicles to trick emissions tests - a scandal that has been widely known as 'Dieselgate'.

Here at Emissions.co.uk, our panel prides itself on getting the best possible outcome for you, our client. We have an expert panel of emissions compensation solicitors who have extensive experience and knowledge in this area of law, to give you the most comprehensive legal advice possible.

Find out more about who we are, what we do, and our process below.

Who Are Emissions.co.uk? 

Emissions.co.uk is a trading name of Fairweather Group Ltd. We are on a mission to hold car manufacturers to account. NOx pollution is a serious health issue that affects every one of us in day-to-day life. If your car manufacturer has misled you about their emissions output, for financial gain, this is a serious lie and could have lasting effects.



Born out of the necessity to help affected consumers navigate this challenging landscape, Emissions.co.uk was formed with the aim of providing a reliable platform for diesel car owners to understand their rights, assess their eligibility, and pursue their claims effectively. Our dedicated team is passionate about bringing fairness and transparency to the automotive industry, making sure consumers' rights are protected and upheld.

To fulfil our mission, we have established a strong network of legal partners across the UK. These partners are not only experts in the field of diesel emission claims, but they also share our commitment to integrity and customer service. We facilitate the connection between eligible claimants and these legal professionals, thereby giving them the best possible chance of success in their diesel emission claims.

We want a car industry that tells the truth, is safe, fair and does not mislead customers for its own gain. We are taking on car manufacturers, one by one.

What Our Panel Do – The Claim

When you check your registration, our system will determine whether you initially have a valid claim or not. If you do, our panel can set out the claim like so:

  • The vehicle sold to you is not of satisfactory quality
  • The car manufacturer breached EU law due to not meeting regulatory limits for NOx emissions
  • The car manufacturer made misrepresentations in relation to these NOx emissions in order to pass tests and comply with the relevant regulations, wrongly
  • Where the car was bought on finance supplied by the manufacturer, we will claim for the cost of the finance back due to this unfair relationship that was not made apparent to the client at the time of credit agreement
  • Our panel will claim for damages under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations which prohibit this kind of behaviour by traders
  • These damages will be calculated as a percentage of the purchase price of the vehicle

In many cases, manufacturers will either outright deny these claims, or argue that the defeat devices were permitted due to exemptions in the emissions regulations. However, many cases across the world have already been found in favour of the customers, and car manufacturers are increasingly having to pay out compensation.  

Our panel take on any emissions compensation claim on a No Win, No Fee Basis, subject to terms and conditions. This means that there is no financial risk to you for taking on a claim – if you are unsuccessful, you will pay no legal fees to us. There may be a cancellation fee if you cancel after the 14 day cooling off period.

Who Are The Legal Panel Filing Claims Against?

While there are definitely key manufacturers in the dieselgate scandal, our solicitors are investigating and currently accepting against:

Each of these manufacturers have different and varied cases. Each has a different timeline, models, and makes. The one constant is that there are indications that they have cheated their emissions tests and misled their customers.

If you believe you have been affected by the emissions scandal and would like to find out more, please get in touch with our expert panel today.

Our Emissions Claims Process

  1. Check Registration

    Discover if your vehicle has been affected by Dieselgate in a matter of minutes.


  1. Submit Claim 

    If it has, you can submit your claim. Your details are then passed onto our legal panel.


  1. Case Assessment 

    Our panel will then do further checks. They will require proof of purchase and ID to confirm you owned the vehicle.


  1. Compensation Claim

    Once your case has been referred to our legal panel, they will manage your case and guide you through the process of claiming the compensation you may be entitled to.

Our system is designed to be user-friendly and comprehensive. It allows us to gather all the necessary information related to a client's vehicle and its engine, assess the potential claim, and then refer it to our legal partners who specialise in diesel emission claims.

Check Your Reg For Free

At Emissions.co.uk, we are more than just a claims service. We are advocates for clean and reliable vehicles, and we stand by every car owner who seeks justice. Join us in this fight and let's hold the car manufacturers accountable together.

If you believe you have an emissions compensation claim, let our legal panel handle it from start to finish.

Our dieselgate panel of solicitors are able to bring a claim on your behalf and not only hold massive car companies to account, but also get you compensation while doing so.

At Emissions.co.uk we make claiming for compensation easy:

  • No Win, No Fee*
  • No Upfront Payments
  • An Expert Panel
  • Panel Regulated By The SRA