Our legal panel are currently investigating claims that Toyota have falsified their diesel emissions in order to get by regulatory checks. If this was the case, UK Toyota customers may be entitled to Toyota Diesel Emission Compensation. Find out more below.

In recent years, the automotive industry has been rocked by revelations that challenge the integrity of environmental commitments made by some of the world's leading car manufacturers. At the forefront of these discoveries is the case involving Toyota, a name synonymous with innovation and quality in automotive engineering.

Allegations of falsified emissions data have emerged, suggesting a breach of trust not just with consumers but with global environmental standards. This has led to a growing need for accountability, transparency, and calls for Toyota Emissions claims to be lodged.
At Emissions.co.uk we stand with car owners who seek justice and compensation for the potential deceit they have faced. The Toyota Diesel Emission Claims initiative is more than just a legal pursuit; it is a campaign for environmental honesty and the protection of consumer rights.

If you have owned or leased a Toyota diesel vehicle, you may have been unknowingly impacted by practices that compromised vehicle emissions standards, leading to potential environmental harm and personal financial loss.

What Is The Allegation Of Toyota Falsifying Their Emissions?

The allegations against Toyota around reports that emissions data was falsified, casting a potential shadow on the company’s reputation for reliability and environmental awareness.

These accusations emerged within the broader context of global emissions scandals that have implicated several major carmakers, challenging the automotive industry's commitment to environmental standards and regulations.

Specifically, the allegations suggest that engineers at Toyota’s affiliate, Hino Motors Ltd., manipulated emissions data on some engines dating back to at least 2003. This manipulation was reportedly driven by a corporate culture that discouraged engineers from challenging their superiors, leading to the submission of false emissions and fuel performance data to regulatory bodies.

The revelation implies that for years, vehicles on the road might have emitted pollutants at levels far exceeding what was legally permitted and what the company claimed.

In the context of the Toyota emissions compensation action in the UK, these disclosures could form the basis for legal claims by owners and lessees of affected Toyota vehicles. While the claim against Toyota is currently not open, the Emisisons.co.uk legal panel is investigating how this finding affect Toyota Diesel Claims.

What Are Toyota Diesel Emission Claims?

Diesel emission claims are legal actions taken by UK vehicle owners against car manufacturers accused of misleading consumers and regulators about the true levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other harmful pollutants their diesel vehicles emit.

These claims typically arise from revelations that some automakers installed "defeat devices" or engaged in other forms of software manipulation in diesel engines to cheat on emissions tests.

While these vehicles appeared to comply with environmental standards during testing, they would emit pollutants at levels far above legal limits under normal driving conditions.

The central allegation in Toyota diesel emission claims is that automakers knowingly violated emissions regulations and misled customers about the environmental performance and compliance of their vehicles. This has legal implications under consumer protection, environmental laws, and potentially, criminal law.

Why should I file a Toyota Emissions Claim?

This is a question the panel at emissions.co.uk often get – what is the point in claiming? Well, there are actually a number of reasons to lodge a claim, if Toyota are to be found to have installed defeat devices:

Your Health – NOx is the deadly pollutant that Jeep have potentially misled customers and regulators about. Reports suggest NOx is estimated to cause 40,000 premature deaths in the UK each year

Your Pocket – You may have suffered damages as a result of Jeep’s potential lie. Autocar tests have shown cars after the fix have a worse fuel economy.

Their Accountability – emissions.co.uk want to hold massive car manufacturers like Toyota to account and tell them that they cannot lie to their customers about dangerous emissions

Our Environment – NOx produces acid rain, smog and can contribute to climate change. We need as little of it in the atmosphere as possible, and certainly don’t need corporations lying about their output.

How much compensation can I receive for a Toyota Emissions Claim?

At present, there's no established guideline regarding the compensation amount Toyota owners might be entitled to from a diesel emissions claim. Our panel is committed to keeping our clients informed during the ongoing Group Litigation process and will provide updates should any specific compensation figures be determined.

Toyota Keyless Entry Compensation Claims

In addition to our panel investigating diesel emission claims against Toyota, they are also examining the legal claims behind thousands of UK Toyotas that have been found to have defects in relation to their keyless entry. This defect means that Toyotas can be stolen in minutes using a cheap device which overrides the car’s computer system.

This device, known as a CAN Invader, exploits the vehicle’s Controller Area Network (CAN), allowing unauthorised access to the car's locks and ignition systems without leaving any physical damage. The revelation of this security flaw has prompted legal action and raised questions about the Toyota’s responsibility to its customers.

BBC Watchdog Investigation On Toyota Keyless Thefts

The BBC Watchdog investigation highlighted the ease with which the CAN Invader can compromise the vehicle’s security, particularly targeting models equipped with smart keys.

Expert law firms have estimated that over 120,000 vehicles sold in the UK since 2012 could be at risk, including popular models such as the:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • RAV4
  • C-HR

Various Lexus lines including;

  • LC
  • RC
  • RX
  • ES
  • GS
  • NX
  • LS
  • UX


If you have experienced theft or attempted theft of your Toyota or Lexus vehicle due to this security vulnerability, you may be eligible to join the legal claim against Toyota/Lexus. Affected individuals are encouraged to express their interest by joining our mailing list and seek further information on how to participate in the claim for compensation.

Toyota and Lexus said in a statement that it had proactively targeted owners with letters about the problem within the M25 where the problems first started.

‘Intelligence showed the area saw a concentration of vehicle crime and the protective plates have always been available to any dealer across the UK and were ordered and dispatched as requested,’ said a spokesperson.

‘In terms of widespread awareness, we are, of course, bound by GDPR and, as a result, only able to write to customers from whom we have permission to do so.’