Citroën have potentially lied to thousands of its UK customers about the amount of diesel emissions their vehicles produce. If they admit wrongdoing, Citroën owners could be entitled to thousands in compensation. Find out today if you can claim.

Reports suggest Citroën may have breached diesel emissions rules by installing what is known as a “defeat device” into their vehicles. This defeat device potentially ensures that their vehicles pass regulatory emissions test, with real-world emissions being much higher.

If this is the case, their cars could have been polluting the UK with a dangerous gas, NOx, and could have also left Citroën owners out of pocket due to increased fuel costs and added depreciation of the vehicles.

Here at our panel of solicitors are challenging huge car manufacturers who cheat emissions tests. Our expert panel is looking to bring forward claims against Citroën for their possible breach and can potentially claim thousands in compensation for Citroën owners.

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What is the Citroën Diesel Emissions Scandal?

The Dieselgate scandal of 2015 saw Volkswagen admit that they had installed 1.2 million of their vehicles with a “defeat device” which altered their emissions output in order to trick regulatory tests.

With added scrutiny within the industry, Citroën were referred to the French prosecutors in 2017 by the French consumer watchdog DGCCRF after seized documents indicated that their vehicles also had diesel emission irregularities.

The company that owns Citroën, The PSA Group, was facing fines of up to €5billion after the diesel emissions probe revealed that 1.9 million of their vehicles could have been fitted with fraudulent defeat devices, similar to those found in Volkswagens.

A French government-backed testing probe also found that five of the PSA Group’s vehicles emitted substantially more NOx in real-world driving compared to the laboratory. NOx has been linked to multiple diseases, including childhood asthma, cancer, poor foetal development, and depression. Reports suggest that air pollution, which is primarily caused by NOx, is estimated to cause 40,000 premature deaths in the UK each year.

Which Citroën models are affected?

The investigation into Citroën is still ongoing, and in its relative infancy compared to the Volkswagen scandal of 2015. This means that investigations are still continuing in relation to which models are affected.

Having said this, research conducted by the European Commission found suspicious results in a study of Citroën's C4 Cactus Blue HDI 100. They found it recorded pollution levels more than seven times higher than labelled.

The French investigation relates to 1.9 million Euro 5 standard vehicles.  These vehicles will be diesel, and the normal range for manufacturing years in an emission claim is 2009-2018, but this may change as more information is uncovered.

The panel at will keep Citroën owners updated in relation to which models may be affected.

How can I find out if my Citroën has been affected by dieselgate?

Getting in touch with is the easiest way to find out if your vehicle has been affected. Our panel can inform you whether your car is a “dieselgate car”, and if so, what your next steps are for claiming.

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How much compensation can I receive for a Citroën Emissions claim?

While there have been significant payouts in America, Canada, Germany and Australia for Volkswagen dieselgate claims, there is currently no guidance in relation to how much Citroën customers could receive as a result of an emission claim.

Our panel will keep our clients updated throughout the current Group Litigation and let them know if any amount of compensation is to be fixed.

Customers of Citroën can claim compensation for:

  • Potential added depreciation as a result of finding the cheat device
  • Any increase fuel costs incurred over the years
  • Increased car tax
  • Damages for breach of contract

Why should I bring a Citroën Emissions claim forward?

This is a question the panel at often receive – what is the point in claiming? Well, there are actually a number of reasons to lodge a claim:

  1. Your Health – NOx is the deadly pollutant that Citroën lied about. Reports suggest NOx is estimated to cause 40,000 premature deaths in the UK each year
  2. Your Pocket – You may have suffered damages as a result of Citroën’ lie. Autocar tests have shown cars after the fix have a worse fuel economy.
  3. Their Accountability – want to hold massive car manufacturers to account and tell them that they cannot lie to their customers about dangerous emissions
  4. Our Environment – NOx produces acid rain, smog and can contribute to climate change. We need as little of it in the atmosphere as possible, and certainly don’t need corporations like Citroën lying about their output.

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