Ford may have lied about their emissions output on their vehicles, meaning they have potentially put profit over your health. We are investigating a dieselgate compensation claim against Ford, and if you believe you have been affected, we can help.

Ford have been in the news since the Volkswagen Group Dieselgate scandal first made news in 2015, with increased scrutiny being enforced across the automotive industry. Now, believe UK Ford owners could be owed thousands due a similar form of defeat software that is installed in some Ford vehicles. are holding giant car manufacturers to account. If you believe you have a claim for compensation against Ford, our panel of solcitors can help with your next steps. Complete our easy to fill out form today to register your interest.

What is the Ford Emissions Scandal?

Research carried out in 2015 found that Ford vehicles potentially emit levels of a dangerous pollutant, NOx, far higher than the limits required to pass European tests. The Government-funded research found that some engines are emitting toxic fumes at up to seven times the legal limit. NOx is a polluting gas that contributes to respiratory diseases, cancer, acid rain and smog.

Research in Belgium then found, despite Ford not fitting the “defeat devices” seen in the VW dieselgate scandal, that a different type of defeat device is installed into many Fords. This is a called “thermal window”.

Ford have stated that these thermal windows are permissible by law due to an exemption which allows the use of defeat devices provided they are for the purpose of “protecting the engine against damage or accident and for safe operation of the vehicle”.

However, the Court of Justice of the European Union recently hit back, and stated:

…in order to be justified, the presence of such a device must allow the engine to be protected against sudden and exceptional damage.

The key here is “sudden and exceptional damage”. The exemption is unlikely to cover long term degradation of vehicle components.

Which Ford models are affected?

Investigations are still being carried out to determine exactly which models may have been affected. The German Federal Ministry of Transport (KBA) have carried out tests on Ford Focus and C-Max models. In addition to this, the UK DVSA have found that the Ford Transit emitted twice the legal levels when tested with the full range of gears.

No Win, No Fee Ford Emissions Claim

If you are one of the millions that might be affected by the dieselgate scandal, our panel can bring your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means there will be no financial risk to you.

Here at, we believe everyone is entitled to fair and expert legal advice when it comes to emissions claims. We do not want anyone to be priced out of receiving justice.

If your emissions compensation claim is unsuccessful, you will have no legal fees to pay to us.

Why should I claim?

The main reason for lodging a claim is that Ford have potentially lied to you about a very dangerous pollutant, NOx. We want to hold the massive car giants to account, and tell them that they cannot put profit above our health and the environment.

If successful, you will also receive compensation which could rise to thousands of pounds, depending on your individual case.

How much compensation can I receive for a Ford Emissions Claim?

The Ford dieselgate compensation claim is still very early on in its journey. There is currently no guidance as to how much a Ford vehicle owner may be able to claim. We will keep our clients up to date with any changes.

How do I begin my Ford dieselgate claim?

We are asking people to register their interest in bringing a claim against Ford. To do this, simply fill out our easy-to-use online form. 

Start your Ford Emissions Compensation Claim Today are a firm who are battling a number of car manufacturers who have lied about their pollution and emissions, in a scandal that is now known as dieselgate. We are bringing claims in the UK on behalf of those who have purchased vehicles from Ford, whose cars have breached harmful NOx emissions standards.

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