If you own a Suzuki, you could be owed thousands in dieselgate compensation. Suzuki have potentially lied to thousands of its customers about their emissions. Find out today if you can claim. 

Suzuki are the latest in a long list of car manufacturer to become embroiled in a dieselgate scandal of their own. Allegations have surfaced of Suzuki using so-called “defeat devices” in their vehicles in order to cheat emissions tests.

This could mean Suzuki vehicles could be emitting much more of a dangerous pollutant, Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) than was first thought, and fuel economy could also have been embellished.

Now, thousands of UK Suzuki owners are registering their interest in filing a diesel emission compensation claim against Suzuki. To find out if you are eligible, use our free eligibility checker today. 

What is the Suzuki Emissions Scandal?

Suzuki first made the news in January 2020 when the Dutch road authority found that they were breaching EU emission rules. Their Vitara model had used “prohibited emission strategies” that led them to emit much higher levels of the harmful NOx on the road compared to testing conditions, the RDW regulator stated.

Now, a £5billion class action lawsuit has been filed over the alleged use of defeat devices in some of Suzuki’s diesel engines. Suzuki uses Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) engines, a group which has become embroiled in a dieselgate scandal of its own. There are estimates that about half a million Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Iveco, and Suzuki models that are “dirty” in England and Wales.

The models are thought to have been produced between 2008-2020, and use software known as a “defeat device” which limits emissions while being tested. Real-world emissions, however, are much higher.

Which Suzuki models are affected?

The Suzuki dieselgate scandal is in its infancy compared to other diesel emission court cases, so information is coming to light every day. Having said this, early indications show that the below models have been affected:

  • 6-Litre, Diesel engine
  • SX4
  • Vitara
  • S-Cross
  • Manufactured between 2008-2020

If you fit the above criteria, you could entitled to thousands in Suzuki diesel emission compensation.

What does the Suzuki Emission claim relate to?

Our expert panel of emissions solicitors would look to bring a claim against Suzuki on your behalf. We want to hold car manufacturers to account for their dangerous lies on emissions.

With the information readily available, we believe your Suzuki emissions claim could relate to:

  • A breach of contract by the dealership
  • A breach of contract by the manufacturer financier
  • Breach of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008
  • A claim in deceit against Suzuki
  • Damages in relation to a potential increased diminution of your vehicle
  • Compensation for your general grievance

How much can I potentially claim with a Suzuki emissions claim?

There is currently no guidance in relation to how much emission compensation Suzuki owners could claim. If you register your interest, our panel will keep you updated in relation to any news about the amount of compensation you can look to receive from Suzuki.

How do I begin my Suzuki dieselgate claim?

Registering your interest in a Suzuki dieselgate claim is easy. Simply fill out our eligibility checker and you will be on the road to potentially claiming your compensation. The form takes two minutes, and we can tell you quickly if you are eligible.


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