Fiat is currently under investigation for allegedly fitting illegal defeat devices into their vehicles. If you owned Fiat between 2008 and 2020, you could be owed thousands in compensation. Find out how today.

Fiat have become the latest in a long list of car manufacturers who are being investigated for their alleged cheating of diesel emission tests. We believe that Fiat have deliberately misled their customers about their emissions output, and that UK Fiat owners should be compensated for Fiat’s wrongdoings.

Here at, we are fighting huge car manufacturers who have installed so-called “defeat devices” to alter their diesel emissions. If they admit their wrongdoing, Fiat have put profit ahead of their customers’ health and wellbeing. Fiat owners could also potentially be out of pocket from increased fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

If you would like to join thousands registering their interest in pursuing a dieselgate Fiat claim for compensation, fill out our eligibility checker form today. It takes less than two minutes to complete, and one of our expert emissions solicitors will be right in touch with your next steps.

What is the Fiat Emissions Scandal?

Fiat made headline news in July 2020 when authorities in Germany, Italy and Switzerland raided the offices of the car giant over claims some of their engines produced illegal levels of emissions. 

Fiat is now facing a £5 billion lawsuit over the alleged use of “defeat devices” in their vehicles which are designed to cheat emissions tests. It is reported that the group that makes Fiat, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), has nearly half a million vehicles affected in England and Wales.

The lawsuit follows Environmental Action Germany claiming in 2016 that it performed tests on the diesel Fiat 500X which showed that the vehicle was breaching Euro 6 emissions limits by 11 to 22 times.

In America, Fiat and the FCA agreed to a £614million settlement in 2019 following claims from US Justice Department that they were using illegal software that produced false results on emissions tests.

Now, it is the UK’s turn to claim compensation. If you believe your Fiat has been affected, get in touch with our expert emissions solicitors today to find out how to join the claim.

What is a defeat device?

Fiat are accused of installing “defeat devices” into their vehicles. This is software that is specifically programmed to alter their emissions output when being tested by regulators, in order to pass regulation.

This software works by recognising the strict laboratory testing scenarios like the speed, the acceleration rate, and the temperature of the room. If the device recognises it is being tested in a lab, emission-reducing controls are turned on to allow lower results in order for the vehicle to pass the legal emissions limit.

When this device is turned off, however, cars fitted with defeat devices can emit up to 40 times the legal limit. This was shown in the first-ever dieselgate scandal of Volkswagen in 2015.

Which Fiat models are affected?

The Fiat models that are thought to be affected are:


  • 500
  • 500C
  • 500X
  • Doblo
  • Fiorino
  • Panda
  • Punto
  • Punto Evo
  • Grande Punto
  • Qubo
  • Tipo



  • 500L
  • 500X
  • Bravo
  • Doblo
  • Punto
  • Punto Evo
  • Scudo
  • Talento
  • Tipo



  • 500X
  • Bravo
  • Doblo
  • Ducato
  • Scudo
  • Talento



  • Scudo

All cars will have been manufactured between 2008 and 2020.

No Win, No Fee Fiat Emissions Claim offer all of their diesel emissions claims on a No-Win, No Fee basis. This means that there is no financial risk to you when bringing forward a claim. In the unlikely event that your emissions compensation claim is unsuccessful, you will have no legal fees to pay to us.

Why should I register my interest in a Fiat dieselgate claim?

We are often asked about the reasons for bringing forward a dieselgate claim. We believe that Fiat deliberately lied to Fiat owners for the sole purpose of profit. This has broken the trust of customers and also released a dangerous pollutant in the air called NOx.

NOx contributes to various respiratory diseases, cancer, acid rain and smog. Pollution from cars is the biggest contributor to NOx in our air.

This is why we believe there are five key reasons to register your interest in a Fiat emissions claim:

  • Saving the Environment
  • Corporate Accountability
  • Financial Reimbursement for mis-representation
  • Saving your health
  • No risk to you due to no win, no fee

How much compensation can I receive for a Fiat Emissions Claim?

There is currently no official guidance on the amount of compensation Fiat owners can claim in for a dieselgate scandal claim. Having said this, the lawsuit is aiming to claim thousands for Fiat owners, depending on their individual circumstances. Every case will be different, however.

Our panel of solicitors will keep Fiat owners updated in relation to potential amounts of compensation you could be awarded.

How do I begin my Fiat dieselgate claim?

Starting your Fiat emissions claim is straightforward. All you have to do is register your interest by completing our free to use eligibility checker. This takes two minutes to complete.

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